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Ask Eli - Eggshells in Garbage Disposal?

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Can I put eggshells in the garbage disposal? - Brad


Good question. There is a lot of debate about this subject. Some people say that you should definitely not put eggshells in the garbage disposal, and other people say that it is not a problem at all. I personally think that putting eggshells in your garbage disposal is good for it.

Before I continue let me say that you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the manufacturer of your garbage disposal says not to put eggshells in it, then you probably should not put eggshells in it. Doing so may void your warranty, if you have one. I have never come across a manufacturer specifically saying that you should not put eggshells in their garbage disposal but that doesn’t mean that one of them has not done this. My belief that eggshells are good for your garbage disposal is based on my own personal experiences with garbage disposals.

Eggshells in garbage disposal - good or bad?

Having said that, my answer to your question is yes, you can put eggshells in a garbage disposal. I have a rule to go along with this though: Eggshells Only! You don't want to have anything else in the garbage disposal when you put the eggshells in it. Always run your garbage disposal (with water) for a few seconds before you put the eggshells in. This will run down anything in the garbage disposal that you may not know is there. Then run plenty of water after to wash the eggshells through the P-trap and on their way down the drain pipes after.

You don't want anything else in the garbage disposal with the eggshells because it will be more likely to plug up if there is a mixture of eggshells and other things. I have seen plugged up garbage disposals that had eggshells and other things in them and the combination was really tough to break loose. I have never seen a garbage disposal plugged up when my ‘eggshells only’ rule was followed. I don't recommend putting eggshells in the garbage disposal very often. It won't hurt the disposal but it could be a problem in your drain pipes or septic system.

Eggshells by themselves are not a problem in a garbage disposal. When the garbage disposal is turned on, the brittle eggshells break into tiny pieces very quickly. The sharp edges of the tiny eggshell pieces scrape the sides and the cutting blades on the inside of the garbage disposal cleaning out the gunk and pulp that can build up there. So putting eggshells in the garbage disposal is actually good for it.

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