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What kinds of jobs can a handyman perform?

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Some common jobs that a handyman might be hired for would include drywall repairs, paint touchup, replacing a bathroom vanity, replacing damaged boards in hardwood flooring, fixing a dripping faucet, replacing damaged pieces of siding, installing a shower door, or fixing a door that does not latch properly.

Many handyman services are willing to perform almost any task that you will pay them for. Some less common jobs that handyman services may perform include gardening or landscaping, assembling furniture or tool shed kits, changing hard to reach light bulbs, setting up Christmas decorations, hanging picture frames, or even house sitting for a family while they are on vacation.

Some handyman services are willing to perform larger tasks such as building a deck, building a new addition, building a garage, or building a fence. Others like to stick to the small jobs like fixing a small hole in drywall, replacing screws in a door hinge, cleaning a clogged downspout, or replacing a piece of trim that has come loose. Some have more experience in certain trades than others. For example, one handyman might have extensive experience in finish carpentry while another worked for many years installing vinyl floors.

In some areas handyman services are not allowed to perform certain tasks such as electrical or plumbing. Some handyman services can subcontract these tasks out but often the customer will be responsible for hiring a licensed professional to perform these tasks. For example, if a handyman service were doing a bathroom remodel they might do everything necessary to get the job ready for plumbing. The customer would be responsible for hiring a plumber to take care of all the plumbing needed. Then the handyman service would return and finish the job.

I have been told that a good handyman is worth their weight in gold (I weigh about 230 pounds if any one wants to send me that check). A good handyman has lots of experience and can do just about anything. If a good handyman comes across a job that they have not done before, they will learn how to do it before they try to do it on your house. A good handyman also can come up with creative solutions to problems to help keep your costs down. A good handyman should have an understanding of building practices that would have been used when older houses were built as well as building practices used today.

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