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Handyman Tips - What To Do With Extra Concrete

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If you are going to pour concrete, you always want to order a little extra to make sure you don’t run out.  Having too much is better than running out.  But what can you do with the extra concrete if you have some left over?

You can make stepping stones out of it.  If you have an area where you could use some stepping stones, plan ahead and use that extra concrete.  If it is an area where the landscaping is already finished, you can just dig holes in the shape you want the stepping stones to be and pour the concrete directly into the holes.  Then it is just a matter of finishing the top to look the way you want them to.  If the landscaping is not finished, you can make forms on the ground next to your concrete pour. Be sure that you make them a size that you are able to move. Concrete is heavy.

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