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Handyman Tips - 1/2" Tool Wrench Tip - Handyman Tips And Tricks

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I find that the most common wrench that I use is ½”.  I also find that the ½” wrench is the most likely tool to be missing from my tool box.  I use it, then I set it down, and I forget where I put it. The tool wrench that comes with my Skilsaw is also ½”.  It is thinner than a normal wrench and fits easily into my tool belt.  I have two of them in my tool belt at all times.  If I need to change the blade on my saw, I always have the wrench in my tool belt.  If I need to install a Super Anchor (fall arrest anchor) on a roof to hook my harness rope to, I have a wrench for the locking nut and for the bolt.  If you always keep your ½” tool wrench in your tool belt, then you will always know where to find it.  It came free with the saw so you might as well get your money out of it, right?

Not all saws use ½” wrenches.  I have used Skil brand wormdrive saws for many years and they have always come with the ½” tool wrench. I know that many other saws also come with ½” tool wrenches. Some of them are different sizes but I think most of them are ½”

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